99 Funken - Coat of arms for the 200th Anniversary

Final draft of the coat of arms
Final draft of the coat of arms

99 Funken (99 Sparks) was a crowdfunding platform of Sparkasse which we were using in order to finance one of our big undertakings. Through crowdfunding, we had launched an appeal to arrange a gift to the theatre for its 200th anniversary from many of its friends.

This campaign ended successfully on 09.04.2020. The raised funds amounted to 2.720 €.  A huge Thank You to all our  supporters.

Winner of the fundraiser 99 Funken

Two tickets for Festive event 200 years Putbus Theatre on July 20 or later

Cornelia Gloede, Bergen

Two tickets for „Der Apotheker“ on July 24 or later

Ariane Jezek, Putbus
Reyk Höhne, Bergen
Burga Gloede, Bergen

Voucher for two tickets for the PUTBUS FESTIVAL 2020/2021 or the XXIV Rügen Cabaret Regatta 2020

Ursel Steinberg, Prora
Hildegard Ingeborg Satzel
Heiko Lawrenz, Brandshagen

Book „Ein Schauspielhaus zwischen Himmel und Meer“ by Holger Teschke

Dr. Andreas Timme, Bergen
Christoph Körber, Bergen
Cathrin Münster
Sebastian Senst, Hamburg
Kati Ambrosat, Dumsevitz

It has been agreed that Marcus Ficker, a renowned sculptor and carver from Salzburg, will carve the new coat of arms out of wood and coat it with gold foil. The gold foil has already been donated by the Christel Hildebrand, a book-binder from Magdeburg.

In 1998, the Putbus Theatre was going to start a new life after extensive reconstruction and renovation. Then came the question: which coat of arms should be placed on the royal box?
The suggestion to use the coat of arms of the patron Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus (1783 – 1854) caused some political disturbance. A final decision regarding claims of the Royal House had not yet been reached, and the discussions were quite heated.
Those responsible, together with Franz zu Putbus, had decided to bring up a provisional coat of arms made of hard cardboard and to await public reaction. It would still be possible to have another one manufactured, this time of adequate quality.
The coat of arms of the Royal House was accepted from the beginning as an appropriate element of decoration, however, the cardboard replica remained.
Now it is a good time to replace the long-standing interim solution with a new and proper one.

It is envisaged that the new coat of arms will be unveiled on 20.07.2020 at the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Putbus Theatre.