Schinkel Prize award

Photo: Detlef Joschke

Ostseezeitung of 29.10.2019

The Temple of the Muses Association is awarded the Schinkel Prize

Putgarten/Putbus. The Schinkel Prize awarded by the Kap Arkona Association goes to the Putbus Theatre Friends' Association. Ernst Heinemann, the Chair of Kap Arkona, accompanied by Mayor Iris Möbius, hands the certificate and a check for 1000 EUR along with flowers to Klaus Möbus, the Chair. “Our cultural domain would now be unthinkable without charitable work”, says Heinemann. "To do anything without expecting something in return, is nowadays quite out of the ordinary."

Ernst Heinemann refers to the long history of the theatre in Putbus, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary in the coming year. The Association, since it was founded in 1992, has significantly contributed to the playhouse development. Heinemann sees it as obvious: “There are many places on Rügen that many long to go to, and the Putbus Theatre is one of them.” As Klaus Möbus says, the Association has managed to set a few things in motion in the last few years. It has equally supported the work amongst children and teenagers, as well as the organization of the Putbus Festival and the Cabaret-Regatta.

Möbus hopes to see a membership increase in the coming jubilee year. "We are not quite 200 yet", he says. "I hope we can make it a round number in 2020. Perhaps this award will help. Schinkel and Putbus simply fit together and the Putbus Theatre is worthy of this award."

Christine Zillmer

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