Day of Historical Theatres

Day of Historical Theatres on October 25th, 2022 in Theatre Putbus

Every year, on the Day of Historical Theatres, the Förderverein Theater Putbus e.V. organizes interesting events for its members and guests. This day was created by PERSPECTIV, the Society of Historical Theatres in Europe, to draw attention to these important cultural monuments. Almost all PERSPECTIV theaters are offering something special on this date.

Symphony Concert Enthusiast Orchestra Stralsund e.V.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Overture to Don Giovanni 6:30
Albert Périlhou: Ballad for flute and orchestra 7:30
Cécile Chaminade: Concertino for flute and orchestra op. 107 8:00
Antonín Dvorák: 8th Symphony 40:00


Soloist (flute): Olga Zernaieva
Musical direction: David Behnke

The Enthusiastenorchester Stralsund was created in 2014 from an idea for cooperation by the former general music director Golo Berg and brought together amateur musicians from a wide variety of professional groups with members of the Philharmonic Orchestra to give concerts together.

The current GMD Florian Czismadia continued the project and in the meantime six own concert programs could be rehearsed and performed. In order to ensure continuity independent of the theater projects, in 2018 active members of the orchestra decided to found the association "Enthusiastenorchester Stralsund e.V.". 

Anyone interested in becoming an active or passive member of the association is cordially invited to register their membership. 

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Outlook 2023

On the Day of Historical Theater 2023, Domenico Cimarosa: THE OPERA DIRECTOR ("L'impresario in augustie" Naples 1786) will be shown as a guest performance by the Rostock University of Music and Performing Arts.

Day of Historical Theatres 2021

Day of Historical Theatres on October 25th, 2021 in the Putbus Theatre

On the Day of the Historical Theatres, we invited all members of our association to a lecture with a discussion on the subject "Digitization and association work - that is not difficult".

We presented the possibilities our website offers and what our Facebook presence can do. We are also represented on the YouTube channel of Theater Vorpommern. The aim was to take the fear of participating there while observing data protection.

Day of Historical Theatres 2020

The Day of Historical Theatres 2020 took place on 25.10.2020.
Visitors and guests could enjoy many interesting events!
At 7.30 p.m. a musical literary event took place in the theater.
Ulrike Mai and Lutz Gerlach (grand piano and keyboard) and Holger Teschke and Jan Bernhard (reading) organized the event.
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Day of Historical Theaters 2019

On October 25, 2019, about 100 guests joined members of the Putbus Theatre Friends‘ Association for a tour and two talks.

The scaffolding had been dismantled just in time for the Reyk Höhne's report about the restoration of the famous frieze "Apollo and the Muses". The Muses are now shining as 200 years ago, illuminated with LEDs in the dark.